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Centrum Investment Group is a real estate investment/advisory group that provides acquisition services to international clients including identifying assets/properties, market research, underwriting the building,tenant and tenant leases, working with Lender and Seller to ensure efficient and timely closing of the asset.

Our primary focus is to identify and facilitate the acquisition criteria needs for institutional clients.

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Why Select Centrum Investment Group?

  • Significant Expertise

    We provide significant expertise in identifying and quantifying assets that fit each client’s needs.

  • Value Creation

    We provide value creation by identifying Key Opportunities and issues in the due diligence phase of the acquisition and implementing them in the property business plan

  • Due Diligence

    We provide due diligence and debt options during the acquisition phase of the property.


Ensemble Health Partners

• Ensemble Health Partners
• Cincinnati, Ohio
• 400,296 square feet
• Fifteen-year lease
• Acquisition date: May 2020
• Client is International Investor

Vernon Manor Portfolio

• Vernon Manor Portfolio
• Cincinnati, Ohio
• Tenant is Childrens Hospital Medical Center
• Fifteen year lease
• Acquisition date: April 2018
• Client is International Investor

• 215,037 square feet
• Columbus, Ohio
• Tenant is Abbott Nutrition
• Fifteen year lease
• Acquisition date: May 2017
• Client is an International Investor

Mercy Health

• 368,447 square feet
• Cincinnati, Ohio
• Tenant is Mercy Health
• Fourteen year lease
Acquisition Date: May 2017
• Client is an International Investor

GE North American Operations Center

• 339,678 square feet
• Cincinnati, Ohio
• Tenant is General Electric
• Fifteen year lease
Acquisition Date: October 2016
• Client is an International Investor

Lash Group Headquarters

• 247,824 square feet
• Fort Mill, South Carolina
• Tenant is Lash/Amerisource Bergen
• Twelve year lease
Acquisition Date: March 2016
• Client is a Foreign Investor

Saint-Gobain North American Headquarters

• 321,226 square feet
• Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
• Tenant is Saint-Gobain Corporation
• Fifteen-year lease
Acquisition Date: February 2016
• Client is an International Investor

Lenovo Enterprise Campus

• 485,536 square foot Class A Headquarter Campus
• Research Triangle Park in Raleigh Durham, North Carolina
• Tenant is Lenovo,Inc.
• Thirteen-year Lease
Acquisition Date: February 2015
• Client is an International Investor

Continental Automotive Systems Inc.

• 351,425 square foot Class A Headquarters building
• Chicago, Illinois
• Tenant is Continental Automotive Systems Inc.
• Thirteen-year Sale/Leaseback Transaction
• Acquisition date: September 2014
• Client is an International Investor


• 206,176 square foot Class A Headquarters building
• Denver, Colorado
• Tenant is the GSA
• Sixteen year lease
• Acquisition Date: July 2014
• Client is an International Investor

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